Welcome to the Official Website of Victor Udoka Counted

On this website, you can find out more about his academic work, ministry engagement, download selected articles, and follow his various professional activities and and speaking engagements on faith and resilience in the face of fear, anxiety, and uncertainty. This webpage also provides a platform for visitors to connect and engage with him.

Forthcoming Book

'Finding God Without Losing Yourself' looks at life through the lenses of attachment and authenticity, as the two main needs of people and the building blocks of our internal conflict
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Key Areas

Psychology of Religion

Victor Counted is a psychologist of religion and social scientist known for his scholarly work on the role of relational spirituality and pro-environmental behavior in youth, health, and migration contexts. His research focuses on three main themes: religion, place, and health. Over the past couple of years, Victor has written and published on a wide-range of topics including relational spirituality, religious psychopathology, place spirituality, youth identity crisis, measurement of religiosity/spirituality, and the integration of psychology and theology. This website will provide research updates on these themes and topics.

Apostolic Ministry

Rev Victor Counted is an ordained minister who has supported several Christian ministries and churches around the world. He now travels preaching the unsearchable riches of Christ and strengthening the Body of Christ through his apostolic ministry. This website will update you on his preaching engagements

Personal Leadership

Over the past couple of years, Victor Counted has shared several insights on personal leadership. His book, “From A Weakspot to a Hotshot”, discusses the complete life and offers a three-dimensional model for measuring the content of one’s personal leadership. You can find additional contents on personal leadership on this website.



  • Spreading the message of hope
  • Speaking on place attachment & spirituality at the Place Attachment Symposium
    in Rome, Italy (2018)
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Speaking on Faith and Resilence
    in Sydney, Australia
  • At Western Sydney University, Australia
  • Groningen, Netherlands
  • At the 2017 International Association for the Psychology of Religion Conference
    Giving a talk on Place Spirituality and Quality of Life
  • At the University of Cambridge
    with an academic mentor and leading pioneer of the dialogue between psychology and theology, Fraser Watts
  • With Adam Possamai, academic mentor & leading sociologist of religion
    in Sydney, Australia
  • At a Religious Conflict Summer School in Groningen, Netherlands
    Giving a talk on Attachment Theory and Religious Conflict
  • With Heinz Streib, leading scholar in psychology of religion
    in Hamar, Norway
  • Rotterdam, Netherlands
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