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  • Spreading the message of hope
  • Speaking on place attachment & spirituality at the Place Attachment Symposium
    in Rome, Italy (2018)
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Speaking on Faith and Resilence
    in Sydney, Australia
  • At Western Sydney University, Australia
  • Groningen, Netherlands
  • At the 2017 International Association for the Psychology of Religion Conference
    Giving a talk on Place Spirituality and Quality of Life
  • At the University of Cambridge
    with an academic mentor and leading pioneer of the dialogue between psychology and theology, Fraser Watts
  • With Adam Possamai, leading sociologist of religion
    in Sydney, Australia
  • At a Religious Conflict Summer School in Groningen, Netherlands
    Giving a talk on Attachment Theory and Religious Conflict
  • With Heinz Streib, leading scholar in psychology of religion
    in Hamar, Norway
  • Rotterdam, Netherlands