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28 Apr 2014

5 Compulsory Tests That Exude Success


Success is a genuine game. It pursues those who takes care of it. If you dedicate yourself to it, you will have it! If you clear and prepare your field for it, it will come. It is like a sheep that goes to the greenest of fields to feed and in return becomes a source of sustenance to the shepherd. Success is a sheep. It is a hungry sheep, looking for fertile fields to feed on – and in return, those who made it possible will be fed by their hard work.

Today I want to talk about the five simple yet challenging Tests you must pass to qualify for success in the new workplace. Before I did start I would like to note here that being successful does not necessarily mean you are significant. While some are successful with their money, others are significant with their lives. Everyday Money Making Principles are brutally thrown at us from all flanks of life. Be it as it may, you may not succeed in industry if you do not qualify for these success requisites.


The Accountability Test

You must pass the accountability test. Everyone who seeks to cut an edge must, in totality, be accountable. If you are accountable you will be trusted and people will confide in you. Though it is part of it, but accountability test has to do with making your word your bound – been able to go the extra mile to keep a secret, to be trusted and to be ‘safe with’. The last is the most crucial. You ought to show responsibility to someone or for some activity. People are looking for people of integrity who they can be safe with. People need to know they are safe with you and that you will not pose as any threat for them in the future. To be accountable, you need to do two things only: simply be truthful and live a simple life.


The Transparency Test

After you have passed the accountability test, it is time to be honest and open not minding the over-bearing consequences of openness. For starters, you will be turned down a lot more than you expect, but any ‘fish’ your ‘honest hook’ catches will last for a life time. Transparency can be humiliating but, it is golden. It pays to be honest and transparent. What it does for you is that it brings the right kind of people to your door steps. People you can effectively manage without having to go over your head to please them.


The Credibility Test

Although this may complement accountability but there is a dangerous difference. I will explain. Accountability qualifies credibility. You can be accountable and yet not be credible, whereas you can be credible and at the same time accountable. Credibility has to do with getting the work done. Having the required skills, qualification, tact and corporate swag to convince and truly get the negotiation started. This matters. That’s why you hear this popular workplace cliche:  “He looks credible”. You must do your homework well to pass. You need to package yourself professionally to hit your target. Resolve today to present your professional you. My advice, upgrade yourself, show us your evidence and be trusted to do the job.


The Idea Test

Couple of years ago, I co-founded an organization with a friend, I remember the day I was discussing the idea with a mentor and he simply asked me what our project was all about? To my greatest surprise, that was the biggest question ever…at that point, to me. Suddenly it dawn on me that we had no clear cut out goal. Beloved, it took me almost 5 minutes to blow all the grammar in this world and convince him we knew what we wanted to do. Luckily I was eloquent enough to confuse him the more. You can guess what happened after that meeting. This is very important! You must pass the idea test if you want to go anywhere with your work. Money will always come when you have a good idea. The problem is, we get our ideas convoluted. We want to do everything all at the same time. Please, sharpen and narrow whatever vision you have. Keep It Simple and Short (KISS). Make it a KISS idea. Focus on one thing only and then grow from there. But the moment you start from the little, you will soon realize that little is not actually little but better. A broad idea can only dread you on how to get started and it is so frustrating half-way long. Be uniquely you in just one thing and be celebrated for that. Ideas rule the world. If you can pass this test with ease you are made already in the new industry, where multitasking will fold a lot of companies. Focus on monotasking and get the work done. You only need a simple idea to change the world.


The God Factor

I cannot write comfortably without emphasizing the efficacy of The God Factor in business. I will shout it loud! Again, you cannot do NOTHING without God been by your side. The thing about God is that He is always there but only reveals Himself to those who want to truly see Him. This consciousness of our ubiquitous God spawns in us, an urge for holy living – to start with our failures and wash them in the Blood of the Lamb and progressively fight our daily battles and walk with God the Father to make us better people. We all are insufficient on our own, but God’s presence in our lives makes us sufficient and fully qualifies us for manifestation. An attempt on God is an attempt on success.

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