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28 Apr 2014

7 Qualities You Must Have to Produce Results


Thanks to William Arthur Ward for this great poem: ‘Believe while others are doubting. Plan while others are playing. Decide while others are delaying. Prepare while others are daydreaming. Begin while others are procrastinating. Work while others are wishing. Save while others are wasting. Listen while others are talking. Smile while others are frowning. Persist while others are quitting.’ This saying encapsulates the go-getter attitude. For starters, producing results requires 7 great qualities:

  • The power of listening

I work with In My Street Berlin as a reporter and part of my job is to interview NGO founders and write articles about their projects. I have taken time to interview many NGO presidents and one thing was common with them all, and that is, they were all inspired by people. If I haven’t learnt anything from my job yet, this I have learned: Great ideas are simply trapped in the common. You can be uniquely creative when you tap into people’s storyline. Learn from others. Make room for people. Perhaps, start with your family. Pay more attention to what they are saying and talk less. You will be amazed with what you learn simply by listening to others. This is the secret of every leader. They enrich themselves by understanding others. But the flip side to this is, listening is never easy. Who wants to bore him/herself with other people’s problems whereas yours is there eating you up. Funny enough, their stories are better than ours. A pastor was sharing a story of how his church members would come to him, lamenting of their challenges. He said, “I had no choice but to listen and pray with them – at least that was my duty. Imagine if I told them of what I’m passing through – they will just ‘die’.” This is why I love pastors and that’s why they are leaders: they eat people’s ‘shit’. Listen to people so that people will listen to you.

  • The power of Inclusion

As you enrich yourself and understand others, it’s time to advance your learning by engaging people from all walks of life and be a part of the decision making process. This is your message of experience. Engaging people is a lot more consuming than we think. It involves pouring out yourself for others; thinking in their thought pattern; empathizing in their pains and sufferings; and sharing in their joy and happiness. At your best, be part of people’s lives and tune your living condition to their frequency. In this way, you can see what they see, feel what they feel and be able to speak the way they do. As this exposure synchronizes with your original pattern, you will see things far more clearly and wisely than they usually would. Next, you are distinguished from everyone else because you have gathered experience and your ideas will be counted.

  • The power of compromise

A lot of people misunderstand compromise to mean giving up your principle. Compromise is rather understanding that, to reach durable goals and make things happen, you have to give and take. It is simply learning to let go: putting aside tradition, tribalism, bigotry and hatred to move forward. We need to live for a cause bigger than our familiar distinctives. To make things happen, you have to let go. You have to sacrifice until all you need to step-out is a game face. Store this: compromise is a slick word for tangible results. You just have to let go to win the lot.

  • The power of Intuition

After you must have paid attention to others, networked for credibility and understood how to play the ball to win, then is time to get spontaneous about your goal. You need clarity on the strategy to implement. A push from within is all you need. This is where intuition comes in to play its role. It inspires: Inspiration is the grip we all need to get to our goal. Intuition clarifies vision and heavies the heart with vigor to pursue the work left undone. It is a favorite word for many and this is why: That’s how we know when God is talking to us about something; that’s how we know what to do; and that’s how we create a rationale. U.S. Business Executive, Nathan Myhrvold once said that “Most decisions are based upon intuition and faith.” Decisions come like a spontaneous call from within. We need intuition for clarity to progress to this next step.

  • The power of action

Now the vision is clarified and you are inspired to pursue what’s ahead of you, it’s time to start. Break the big ideas into small steps and take the first step right away. That may seem obvious, but many of us are stuck in the starting blocks waiting for something to get us going. What is your goal? Step out and do it, and God will empower you! It is as simple as that. Take an action not minding how stupid you think it is. Dare something! Start from a workable first-step. Don’t make the first-step too complicated to handle. Keep it simple and short. Make it something you can easily start from. Turn on the socket, move the cursor and click on the button of your goal and see it respond to your command – it always does.

  • The power of grace

As a Christian, I believe in grace. I don’t know about you? But one way or the other our lives are navigated by grace. Indeed, I am nothing without the grace of God in my life. It has always worked for me and it works for everybody, whether you are a Christian, Muslim, Atheist, Agnostic, Hindu, Buddhist and the list goes on. God is merciful. He locates us where we are and grants us favor, mercy and vigor to accomplish our goals not minding our bearing with Him. If you doubt, cast your mind back and reflect on a particular incident that could have, may be, taken your life – yet He saved you. Think of something you achieved or did years/months ago that ordinarily was way out of your league. But God saved you from that incident and made it happen for you. Not because you were perfect but out of His mercy, so that you may, through His work in your life, come to Him for salvation. Perhaps you think you did it, sorry buddy you did nothing! It was God and only God alone. Be you smart, intelligent or well-connected, you can achieve NOTHING without the GRACE of GOD upon your LIFE.

  • The power of courage

Next is to open the door with courage. Courage is self-confidence. Courage does not mean having boldness; rather courage believes in your goal and gives boldness. But before that, you have to overcome your fear and step out courageous to achieve your targeted goals. Believe in yourself even when nobody does because all you have to succeed is the team of you. You must never quit. Dereck Redmond of Britain, in the 1992 Olympics was competing in the 400 meter race when he suffered a hamstring tendon and fell. As the other runners breezed past him, he began to struggle to his feet. His father, whose face was covered with tears, suddenly ran down from the stands to help him up. Slowly, in pains, they made their way around the rest of the track and crossed the finish line as the stadium in Seoul burst into thunderous applause. Redmond didn’t win a medal, but he won something more important – the respect of the world. Earn that respect! Get to the finish line! Be distinguished!

As I round up, do not forget, in order to bring results you must listen and enrich the intellect; engage people; play the ball; listen to the music of intuition to get direction; now take action and move towards your direction; and remember, God is everything, without Whom you will rot in nothingness; finally, step out of the background stage and get to the stage and do your thing! Never settle for mediocrity at any stage of life (Philippians 3: 14).

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