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28 Apr 2014

Beware of These 3 Kinds of People if You Have a Vision


For starters, it is not everything you tell everybody. Although many people are familiar with this wisdom but the problem is usually how to discern who-to and who-not-to share stuffs with. One of the prime mistakes a lot of folks make is to first share their vision, plans or ‘conspiracy’ with family, a mate or a best friend. Apparently, when placed in a mutual thermometer it might seem to be the right thing to do but, its mostly the wrong step to take. I will explain why.

Now let’s carefully beware of who to run to when we feel the whim to accomplish something, as we study these three kinds of people:


  • People That Love You

There are some individuals in your circle that just genuinely care about you, nothing attached. Part of their life’s responsibility is making you happy and secure. They will do anything to make that happen, and will be in pain if they see you get hurt. This group of people wants you to be secure with your decisions. Understand that this circle of people want the best for you and can even give their own lives for you to live. However, despite the bond of affection they might share with you, they could be vision killers. Notice, they might not want you to take-on new adventures because of the risk involved. People classed here could be family, best friends or relatives. They want you secure, and not to move out of your comfort zone in order to help you duck a possible misery of an unsuccessful risk. Essentially, this is seen with family. Many parents prefer their kids to choose a particular career path because they want them to be financially secure and stable for the future. While this is understandable, their kids on the other hand, might have an itch for something peculiarly different. Often, it ends up in confrontation and the strong always have their way. Don’t tell your family everything because they love you well too much and want you to be secure and not get hurt. Truth is, parents know what they are doing and want the best for their kids. Besides what parents fail to realize is that experience is a requisite for true success. Allow your kids to fail and learn from their mess. Don’t keep them secluded because life isn’t secure. Someday you will die and they will be left in this world alone to make their own choices. Allow them to pursue their passion, and even if they fail, they will learn and do it right the next time. We must realize that there is nothing like “failure” in the real world, all good and bad adventures count for experience, and experience is key to successful living. Ever wondered how many years the earth rotates round the sun in failure before it hits an eclipse? Think about that and recognize that you must rotate in failure before you hit the jackpot. If you eventually fail pursuing a passion, don’t whine about it, you simply learn from it and do it better the next time. The world won’t care about your failure. People expect you to accomplish something before they heed to your lament. So even if you fail a thousand times, it’s nobody’s business! Be careful what you tell people that love you because inasmuch as they want the best for you, they might be a curse for you.


  • People That Know You

Run from people that know you too well. Have you noticed that there are people that know you way too well to let you be? They feel they know the summary of you. Their opinions or counsel for you come from either of this position: Sincerity or Pride. That is, their counsel might either be genuinely sincere or proudly subjugating. This category of people either accent love or hate. However, it is possible that what people know about you may help you see more clearly and decipher the patterns of your strength or weakness, though depending on HOW they see you. For instance, if they see you as WEAK it will be very difficult to IMPRESS them with your vision. They won’t buy it. Period! If you eventually go ahead to run the vision and unluckily fail, their feedback will always be either of these: “If you had listened to me…”, “I told you that’s what will happen…”, “You’ve seen for yourself…”, and so on. All in all, they will cause you more and more misery than good, and you will only see less of your potential. However, the reverse is the case if you’ve impressed them with your past accomplishments. Come to think of it, having this kind of people might really be an asset because they tell you the truth about yourself. On the other hand, they could be your nemesis. You’d be lucky to have people that know you too well and yet sincerely control and augment your thoughts. Beware…the reverse can be a source of misery. My advice, run from people that know you too well because having them around you is unhealthy if you want to exercise your  faith and courageousness.


  • People That Believe In You

Stay around people that believe in you all the time because they are an asset. They fill your heart with an engaging impetus ‘to accomplish’. Be it good or bad, the dream you pursue shall surely come to be but it takes not just courage and faith to say and believe it, but associating yourself with the right kind of people to bring it forth to reality. These are not people who love you too much and don’t want you to take risk in the real world so you don’t get hurt. Neither are this people who, out of pride/ego, want to subjugate your enthusiasm and class you as ‘incapable’. You need to discover people that believe in you and spend more time with themIt takes not just courage to stay alive, but having the right kind of people around you. Majority of these people might be Those That Know You, but by virtue of your track record you’ve made a positive impression on them. This is why is important to do everything with diligence and focus to make the best out of every opportunity that comes your way.Make an impression! Whenever you are given a task to do, do it well with all your strength and etch your name as ‘capable’ in the hearts of men. What you do today and how you do it is what you will be remembered for the rest of your life.

Finally, always remember this: Hard work not only brings profit, but builds esteem and credibility, which are ingredients of the future. 

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