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28 Apr 2014

Discovering Your Work At The Workplace


You may not be effective in the marketplace if you don’t know who you are, what you can do or the path you should ride on. Neither can you serve until you know your true self.

Discovering your natural talent is the first step to life. It will help you find your work and confidence at the workplace. Your gift enables you to function with efficiency. Your gift can make ways for you. When we sync our unique talents as a team we produce an irrefutable result. The impact is huge.  Your gift opens your eye to areas God wants you to work and contribute to humanity. The best way to live is to utilize our talents to pursue purpose. Our purpose is originally meant to bring glory to God. If it doesn’t, please check yourself.

Knowing your purpose will enable you find your place in the workplace. God has a place for every of His creation on the marketplace. God requires industry! It is our job to find this place of eloquence. The first step towards this is to see the discovery process as a priority. The Bible simplifies the availability of purpose in every believer. Mind you, purpose is exclusively for service. Some say to pray for it, but that cannot be right, for it is already given so all you need to do is to discover it. A more better way to discover your work is to understand your gifts. Gifts are freely given grace by God. Discovering and utilizing your talents in business is one of the most exciting adventures anyone can have. Our talents are the large part of the answer to the question of purpose, “What should I do with the life God gave me?”

The first step to discovering your work is self-examination. You must Pay attention and notice the things that inspire and excite you most and come naturally to you. Clearly, things that exasperate us could be a career path God wants us to fix. A personal introspection might help. Next to God, you know yourself better than anyone else does. You need to examine your desires and pay attention to the things that energizes you. Discover who you are in order to determine what you are capable of. Your place of strength is your place of dominion. Know your areas of strength. In this case, what you are naturally talented at. Every God given potential has a perfect career-match in the marketplace. For example in Christian ministry, “people tend to react to given situations in the light of their spiritual gifts,” says Bill Gothard. Take for instance, a waiter spills someone’s meal all over the restaurant floor and a group of Christians are sitting nearby, each individual will react in accordance with their gift. The gift of mercy responds by concentrating on cleaning up the mess. The gift of giving offers to pay for another meal. The gift of exhortation seeks to cheer up the waiter. The gift of administration delegates and organizes the whole matter to avoid confusion. The gift of teaching suggests ways to avoid a recurrence of the problem. In the same manner, your place of industry makes you sensitive to certain lapses in the workplace others may not notice. Mind you, a self-contemplation could be an effective way of understanding your work.   

Who Folks Say You Are
The people close to us often see things we cannot see. We are who people say we are. God uses people to remind us of who we are. Our traits leave behind footprints so that people that love us may see us and tell us who we are. If your friends do not tell you the truth about yourself as bad as it may sound, please run from them. All you need to discover you is just at your footsteps: a blueprint of your previous endeavors. At some point, people close to you may help you trace these abilities. So even when you don’t know what you are doing, keep improvising, perhaps your act of naivety may birth a clue to what you’ve been looking for. It all starts with the minor things we do not notice that grows to the major thing people notice about us, which in turn defines us.

What You Know About Christ
As followers of Jesus, we were attracted to Jesus for some particular reason that makes us want to model Him. If one can identify what it is that they love about Jesus the most, then possibly, might be a clue to what they should develop in them. Or a work God need them to do, since it is what we are that we are attracted to the most. We saw Apostle Paul encouraging Timothy to fan into flame the gift of God in him (II Timothy 1:6). Paul here was saying that we are responsible to develop our gifts and turn it into a career. If written exhaustively, it will take the whole of our lifetime to account all the things Christ did for us during His days on earth and still not conclude. Christ was a model for the human race. Christ’s exemplary life is the exemplification of the whole essence of Christian service – a life totally sold out for the sake others. His life is set out for us to emulate and model. Study the testimony of Christ and model any of his countless great qualities. Typify any of Christ’s great style of composition and see yourself discover your work and live the life He designed for you.

Gift Gambling Option
Being tenacious comes in handy when it comes to discovering your real work. Tenacious in creating or practicing a list of some possible talents to see which one(s) give you the most eloquence. While you are busy experimenting different unique talents and careers, start to discern whether you are good at it or not. Besides others will tell you. This really works and I will tell you how. According to Aristotle, the origin of action—its efficiency, not its final cause—is choice, and that of choice is desire and reasoning with a view to an end. Sometimes, we just have to learn that it is man who decides, not heaven. That does not mean that heaven does not decide our future as God’s people. It is possible however that we are expected to gamble our way in and out to discover who we really are. Yes we will make mistakes. Yes we may end up swapping from two to three or more careers before we find the right one. Life without mistakes is a miracle. Mistakes are not meant to swallow us but to build us up. Mistakes are the building blocks of wisdom. If you do your homework well you will notice that most leaders, both past and present that attained an appreciable level of commitment or leadership in the workplace were able to measure such great heights through gambling on different opportunities, and then after years of experience, they discovered what gave them the most joy and pursued and developed it. As we explore different careers and narrow on developing the one(s) that appears to be it, we must then be careful on the motive behind such strategic gamble. Be careful not to overly blow the horn whereas nothing is there. Examine what you have to be sure is it. We must verify our work to be sure is from God and that it is truly inspired to serve people, contribute to the workplace and not be a curse to the world.

Look Out for what is Accessible
Seekers should examine the opportunities given to them by simply asking themselves what is available. Look out to see what is needed in the workplace, your community or the church. This is the stress of the entire Bible in scope. Endeavor to discover how you can serve humanity and build a relationship with God so as to honor God and be a blessing to His creation. Ignore areas that are overly represented and populated. Lookout for careers that is under-represented in the workplace and in ministry. Serve to supplement the whole nucleus of God’s creation. Supplement rather than compliment the world.

Live Out. Be Different. Be You!  

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