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28 Apr 2014

Doing Things Right Vs Doing the Right Things


True success is not by doing things right, but by doing the right things. We can choose to spend our years vainly pursuing fleeting shadows and grasping at petty recognitions, or, we can spend our entire years, deliberately doing things that matter. If we are wise, we will invest our essence to that which will last and outlive us: purpose. To unpack purpose, progressively add value where it matters most and constructively pursue your life’s vision. The idea is to die successfully empty: the gradual but conscious deposit of our unique condiments to positively augment the present, for generations yet unborn. This can only be done once we discover the right thing to do. This is your sill to the significant life. Understand that life measures you by virtue of what you are able to leave behind and not merely by what you have. We cannot enjoy our riches forever, regardless of its figure or security of its investment. Our life’s purpose is far too bigger than our personal ambition.

The whole point is to limit what you can do to focus on what God created you for so as to develop your inner dynamics. This is where true fulfillment will comes from. Do not focus on trying to just do things, but live significantly for the right purpose. There is actually no reward whatsoever in getting things done, only in getting the right things done.

The Hexavian Law of Success on the Simple Mathematics of Life puts it more succinctly:

LPV = MPL – MAL Your LPV (Lifetime Performance Variance – is what you deliver in life): It is MPL (Maximum Potential Limit – is your greatest capacity created by God) minus your MAL (Maximum Attainable Limit – the capacity chosen by you, what you think is your limit). That is, at every point in your life (LPV), you are between what you were created to be (MPL) and what you choose to be (MAL, where you are).

In other words, we are always the consequence of our action. You are what you play by strategy. Success is not made out of tactics but by strategy. To get to your LPV, says the Hexavian Law of Success “progressively add value where it matters best and be a value worth paying for.”

Empty your whole essence to point zero by pushing the limit to what you can do. Don’t stop there. Tap exhaustively from the grace of your inner potential. Utilize your whole essence completely to a point you are pooped of all you came to this world with.

Things You Need to Know.

  • Two important Days in Your Life

Ceremonies mean nothing to life, although quite a handful of people relish on its memories. Two significant days in a man’s life is first, the day he was born, and secondly, the day he discovers the reason why he was born. Sadly, millions of people gallivant through life without asking the all-important question, “Who am I?”. Richard McClure calls it finding your identity. This is a state where you want to be like everything or anybody that flaunts your way and suddenly you wake up from your catnap to realize you were living another man’s life. Too bad!


  • Fulfillment is Not a Function of Success

That you are a productive businessperson does not make you successful, neither is it your visa to happiness. The secret to true happiness lies in our ability to unpack our essence and empty our whole talent and purpose to create true success. It is by making your LPV a standard for your life. Funny to see many young lads gunning for success with a legit hypothesis that they will be happy men/women once they secure their first million but ends up never finding fulfillment. The curse of money is the plague to want more for ourselves. Making money the reason to pursue success is an irresponsible way of being successful. Fulfillment is not the function of success, although on one hand, success is solely the keyword for fulfillment.


  • Doing What Matters is a Matter of Choice

Need I remind you that the genuine path you are about to undergo is risky, frustrating but rewarding. Living a fulfilled successful life is simply a matter of choice. A choice you and you alone need to make for yourself. You either carry your cross, live the life you were born to live, or you live and die like everyone else. Do not be deceived, you were never created to do everything. It is a choice to be where you want to be. But above all, I would advise that you choose to live better than your father for the sake of posterity, because an unsolved problem will soon generate into an unsolved stigma for a generation.


  • Find & Live Your Grace 

What differentiates you from others is simply your ability to stand peculiarly tall above others with your gift. A gift is a natural grace given to someone for distinction. Grace is a solo experience, which may not work for another. Desire to be known by your unique grace.  God will never call you to do everything. You are never brought to this world to do every job that pays well. You were made special for your grace.Discover and focus on your life’s grace. Do not go for everything, go for your thing. Explore those areas of your life where your grace is most comfortable and eloquent. Each one of us is already endowed to accomplish our every specific task even before we were born. Discover your task and utilize your grace there. Most successful businesspeople today are where they are simply because they are well positioned at their grace. Not everyone goes in there and comes out with a success story, like them. Notice, they may not be great in doing other things. That is the power of doing the right thing: it makes you become extraordinary at what you do. Your grace and commitment will provide the only endless framework for your success. Everything else is temporary at best.


  • Doing Things Right Vs Doing the Right Things

Folks who do things right throughout life’s escapade live an uninspiring and unfulfilled life that make little or no difference to anyone. They come and go without etching their names in history and no one suffers loss when they depart. They are easily replaced and are cowards, comfortable and unwilling to transit out of their comfort zone. While on the other hand, others who do the right things live in such a way that the world is never the same after they are gone. They are ones who turn the world upside down. People like Apostle Paul, who after his frantic ambition of fame, later got converted as a Christian and through his writings and oratory, changed his world. God showed Paul how to spend his life and be remembered forever. Indeed he was still remembered, even after 2000 years of his existence – we still feel the impact of his gospel. This is what happens to our purpose when we discover God.

Dear reader, how are you living your life? Are you investing your time and energy in doing the right things or you are just like everybody else on the marketplace, doing things right to please the economy? Are you leaving a generational legacy? Will you be fondly remembered for good after you are long gone? Has/Will our world be better than it was, because you walked through it? The answer lies above and in our hearts.

Do things that matter for God’s sake and be counted!

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