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28 Apr 2014

Having a Vision of Victory


I will be lying if I told you that life is fair. Life is a complicated journey to the unknown. We all actually struggle with the right answers until we discover/arrive at that place of clarity and assurance. And you are responsible to whether or not you survive this transition by being actively strong, positive and proactive. To keep yourself strong however, it takes strength, having the right people, and mostly you. Unfortunately, a lot of many desperate underachievers may not see their dreams come true because of the kind of image they allow themselves to consume, which when internalized could lead to doubt, depression and hopelessness. If you have an image of success, victory, health, happiness, or abundance, you will naturally gravitate towards that. But if you have an image of lack, defeat, or mediocrity, this will eventually keep you from having God’s best. If you want to be successful as a leader you will have to see yourself as one. The image will have to take root on the inside before it happens on the outside.

I am not left out in this maze either. I struggle each day with myself, especially about what I want to do, who I want to become, and where I want to spend the rest of my life. I come across beautiful opportunities each day that could gratify my quest, yet they are strangely farfetched for unaccountable reasons. At the end of the day, all I need to do to keep myself alive is to wait, wait, and wait for the right things to come by for me.

Two things keep us going in life: our mental picture of our tomorrow and our response to difficult situations.

We learn about the children of Israel in the bible. How they gave up on the covenant God had with their fathers (of a Promise land – a land flowing with milk and honey) and thought it was a big scam. They forgot how God miraculously delivered them from Egypt. Eventually, in their disturbingly ceaseless grumblings, Jehovah GOD decided to show up and give them a peek into what awaits them. He told his servant Joshua to send men to spy the Promised Land of Canaan, and he did. These men came back with news of how great the land was and how beautiful and terrifyingly healthy the people living in it were. They testified indeed that the land was flowing with milk and honey. This testimony however, brought peace to the hearts of a murmuring people and rekindled their faith in God.

Why did God want the Israelites to see this picture? Because they were discouraged and unsure about what God had sworn to their fathers. It is easy to lose your vision and forget who you really are when things are difficult.

As pleasure seeking animals, it is seldom possible to stop complaining especially when things are not going the way we expect in our family, career or spiritual life. Indeed, it is always difficult to see our self the way God created us to be. We need to see our self the way God sees us by having a vision of victory – a mental picture of where God is taking us, just like the children of Israel did. Because they saw what was in the land God had promised them, they were able to stand and fight and takeover the land of Canaan. It is one thing to stand to fight for something you believe but quite frankly, it is a failed mission to fight without a cause. And so it is with us, having a mental picture of a glorious future can furnish us with the strength and stamina we need to fight our demons and remain confident in what we believe we can do/be.

In Genesis chapter 13, the bible also tells us of two brothers who were exceedingly rich in livestock and in silver and in gold. They journeyed from the land of their fathers looking for the land of their own to settle. And they did eventually got massive acres of land. They were blessed in this new land to a point the land was unable to contain their possessions because they were too great for them to live together. The two brothers decided to separate peacefully and raise their own people independently. The treaty was quite simple and nonaggressive. The eldest, Abram, told the younger (Lot) to choose from either left or right which of the fields to possess, saying “if you take the left hand, then I will go to the right; or if you choose the right hand, then I will go to the left”(Gen. 13:9). Note, one of the fields was well watered and had good vegetation while the other was an arid land with little or no vegetation. Apparently Lot chooses the well watered field with the best vegetation leaving for Abram an arid land. Abram, looking at the harshness of the land and not knowing what to do or where to start from, in verse 14 God said to him, “Look up from where you are.”  It is easy to look down on yourself when things are not working out, especially when you don’t know how to fix your mess. Looking up from where we are to see what the future holds for our family, career or business is never an easy thing to do. But God assures us that as we look up from our circumstances and look up to Him, we shall see His hand resting upon us and showing Himself and His power through His works in our lives. And Abram did prosper beyond his brother Lot and his arid land flowed with milk and honey.

To sustain your vision of victory, you need not to fantasize over it but speak faith to it. “Let the redeemed of the Lord say so” (Psalm 107:2). Nothing happens unless we speak so by holding fast to the profession of our faith (Heb. 10:23). We must speak faith into our future and draw things which are not to be. There is a correlation between what we say and what God does. If you want to see God’s best, you need to stay on the offensive and speak victory over your life. If you are not putting your vision out there with your faith-filled words, you are limiting what God can do with your vision.

Finally, speaking faith into our life requires courage and an audacity of faith. It takes courage to change the picture in your imagination, especially when you are surrounded by impossible situations. Joshua was to take over the leadership of Israel and lead the difficult elders of Israel after Moses passed away. The bible accounts that Joshua was faced with a frightening challenge of leading the Israelites to the Promise Land. In Joshua 1:8, God, knowing how Joshua felt, assures him that He will lead the people to inherit the land which He swore to their fathers to give them but only if he (Joshua) was “strong and very courageous”. God repeated these words three good times consecutively to show us how important strength and courage is to life’s journey. Being strong and courageous is what we owe ourselves to survive. If we are not strong and courageous for ourselves we may quit on God’s best for us because of the pressures we face in life.

Have a vision of victory, but be strong and courageous!

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