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16 Jun 2014

Wisdom is the Ability to See Your Own Blindness


And Jesus asked Blind Bartimeaus, “What would you want me to do for you?” (Mark 10:46-52). Mind you this was after He called him up from the crowd to receive His miracle; knowing that he was blind and couldn’t see. It marvels me that Jesus would have to ask such a question. Why would Jesus have to ask a boring question at a wrong time knowing that this guy needs his sight back? It is simple. Christ wanted to make sure that Bartimeaus knew what his problem was.

See, people are blind to their blindness. They want money, yet they spend thousands every month on unnecessary things. They spend the money that would build business empires on drinks, cigarettes and on things that are there to ensnare them. For this kind of people, if Jesus were to ask them the same question He asked Bartimeaus I’m sure some will think their problem was poverty over their addiction.

Are you blind to your blindness?

For Bartimeaus his problem was his sight and not his state of poverty or the rags he was wearing. He knew with his sight back he would pursue his dreams and earn good money for himself. He understood his sight was everything he needed to have a total makeover.

You better stop looking for answers at the wrong places. Identify your problem to find a solution. Once we acknowledge what we need or lack in our life is easier to find answers. Once we discover what we are refusing to recover we cover the vacuums in our lives we’ve left unattended to.

What is really the heart of the matter?!!!

Christ wanted to make sure Bartimeaus knew what his problem was. Are you sure you know what your problem really is? We pray for the wrong things. We need money but we don’t have any skill. We want God to bless us yet we don’t honour God with our substance through our tithes and offerings. You want to get married but you are blind to your body odour and often to your crooked, unattended hair. You want God to bless your children yet you can’t tame that tongue of yours to pronounce blessings instead of curse when they upset you. What you need is God to tame that tongue of yours.

It’s in fixing life’s “fundamentals” that you exterminate those problems. Discover and deal with the root of the problem and see result!

Bartimaues could have as well asked for riches but he knew money was not his problem. He rather asked for sight. Knowing that with his sight restored he can develop his insight and discover his own ability to have foresight for success. Developing your insight and foresight can have significant impact on the way you think. So what you need is not a change of status. What you need is insight and foresight. Insight to know that your problem is not your problem but your addiction is the problem. Foresight to know that you need a good education to be positioned well in the society. And if you are blind to this, then there is a problem.

Wisdom is the ability to see our own blindness. If you can identify your “blindness”, whatever you’ve lost on account of that blindness can be easily restored. In other words, we have to examine the causes and conditions of how we got to where we are if we want to go from the dark of not knowing and achieving into the light of awareness and success. Regardless, we have to climb the steep staircase of change, awareness, and self-reflection.

Discovery comes with restoration!

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