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5 Mar 2015

Don’t Run From Purpose


And Jonah left Gath-hepher his home town near Nazareth in Israel to journey to Tarshish from Joppa, a countryside near Gibraltar in Southern part of Spain. Bible historians tell us that Jonah travelled that far to show God that it was impossible to preach in Nineveh, since the distance between Nineveh and Tarshish was vast. Of course, Nineveh was that far from Tarshish because it was located in modern-day Iraq.

For a second, imagine the distance. Jonah had to run away from Israel to Spain to show God it was impossible to make the journey to Iraq. Jonah’s hometown Gath-hepher (in Israel) would be 500 miles from Nineveh (in Iraq), whilst Tarshish in Southern part of Spain was more than 2,500 miles from Nineveh (Iraq).

Jonah’s journey to the Middle East (Nineveh) from Europe (Tarshish) should normally take about forty days. However, Jonah, through the agency of the whale fish was able to get to Iraq from Europe in three days without any airport transit, visa nor an airline.

See, when the storms of life are hardest hit know that God is getting ready to shorten the journey for you and get you to your destiny in the shortest amount of time against all odds.

Despite your stubbornness which attracted the storm in your life, God is still willing to give you a second chance to say YES!!! to purpose. Running away to “Europe” like Jonah did might not be the answer because the earth is the Lord and the fullness thereof (Psalm 24:1). Rather trust God enough to believe He is able…

Don’t run away from purpose and please don’t attract the storm…

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