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5 Mar 2015

On Progress and Living the Android Life


Couple of weeks ago, a friend was feeling nostalgic about her BlackBerry phone after she migrated to an android platform. As of a week ago, it was the best decision ever. Only to discover a week after that her BlackBerry phone came with it a subsidized bundle of trouble. Now she is missing her BlackBerry phone because of the benefits that comes with it, and mostly due to its low data consumption. According to her, it is difficult to maintain her new android phone because the data consumption is irritating and expensive. Suddenly, something she thought that would give her some kind of joy and class came with an extra load of bill and burden.

Somewhere I heard a preacher say, “With new levels come new devils”.

Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians 16: 9 that a great door of opportunity was opened unto him but there are many adversaries. Paul was trying to tell us that the greater our opportunity the bigger our opposition. The success and challenges of life are therefore exponentially related.

There is nothing wrong with upgrading to a new “android life” but I will not assure you that it won’t come without its bag-load of troubles.

So why you are stressed out about where you are now or who you’ve become, don’t forget it is something that comes with “the” level and that means progress!


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