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5 Mar 2015

Pregnant but Conflicted: “If All Is Well, Why Am I Like This?”


The bible tells us in Genesis 25 that Rebecca was barren and the husband Isaac pleaded with the Lord for her to conceive and get pregnant. Eventually God showed up and answered Isaac’s prayer and Rebecca became pregnant. She finally had what the world was looking for. She had an outward glory, and I am sure she was excited about it but, the bible also tells us in verse 22 that the “children struggled together within her”. Rebecca was conflicted with what she was carrying on the inside of her. In her pain, she asked God still in verse 22, “If all is well, why am I like this?”

How many of us know what it means to come to a point in your life, where you trigger off and ask God the big question: “If You have promised that i am blessed, why is my life like this?”

Where are the “Rebeccas” of today, who have an outward glory but nobody sees your inward struggle? On the outside, Rebecca was pregnant and that was what the world saw, and may be celebrated. But on the inside of her, she was conflicted.

A supposed blessing suddenly became a source of pain.

But then the text tells us that she was conflicted because she was pregnant with twins. She was pregnant with a double on the inside of her. In other words, she had a double blessing. Hasn’t it occurred to you yet that the reason why you are conflicted is because you are pregnant with two nations on the inside of you, like Rebecca. You have a great destiny, a double blessing lying within you that is struggling to break out.

So while we are conflicted on the inside, even when nobody knows what is happening to us, we should not forget the big picture: It is a struggle for greatness!

And this I have learned: It is easy for people to associate with your outward glory but not your internal struggle.

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