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5 Mar 2015

SEMINAR: Youth Identity Crisis: Finding God Without Losing Yourself


seminarFlyer_1Announcing an event for April!!!

After a 2-year empirical research with different Christian youth groups in South Africa, i think it is important to give back and share the knowledge of what i have learnt with the church leaders, parents, and youth group leaders and members, who would wish to know more about the crisis of identity amongst the younger members of faith communities. As a result, i decided to convene a seminar that would start a conversation around the issues of identity crisis among the Christian youth.

The seminar will focus on the theme: “Youth Identity Crisis: Finding God Without Losing Yourself”. The seminar will focus on three session themes addressed by three speakers:

  • God-images and self-images amongst younger members of faith communities (Lecture by Victor Counted)
  • Shame and anxiety in counselling the Christian youth (Lecture by Dr Lakeba Williams)
  • Missional leadership and god image anxiety in African congregational churches (Lecture by Professor Jurgens Hendriks)

The event will host three speakers: Professor Jurgens Hendriks, Dr Lakeba Williams, and Rev Victor Counted.

With over 25 years of teaching practical theology, Professor emeritus, Jurgens Hendriks, will be speaking from a missional perspective to address the problem of Missional Leadership and Anxiety amongst African congregational churches.

As a leading therapist and attachment expert, Dr Williams will be looking at the problem of Shame and Anxiety from a counselling perspective based on her wealth of experience of over 20 years in counselling in the Southeastern United States.

After a 2-year empirical research in South Africa amongst different Christian youth groups, Rev Counted will be speaking on how young people feel about their relationship with God and how they relate with self, under the theme Self and God Images.

The goal of this seminar is to share knowledge regarding the identity crisis of Christian youths in order to develop follow up intervention projects that may involve the healing and restoration of young Christians from the effects of their crisis of identity.

The seminar is designed to strengthen the role of church leaders, parents, and youth group leaders in addressing the spiritual needs of their young people. Secondly, the seminar has also been designed to help Christian youths learn how to address experiences of anxiety, avoidance, abandonment, and self-discovery in their relationship with God. Participants are encouraged to broaden their perspectives on key youth-related issues and are offered opportunities to develop the skills they need to effectively respond to these issues and bloom in their Christian identity and in the image of God amid existential crisis of identity, attachment, anxiety, God-images, and self-images.

This event is organized by the Christian Youth Forum and is for Christian youths, youth groups, parents, pastoral care workers, church leaders, and anyone interested in learning more about the experiences of Christian youths.

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6 Responses

  1. James Leonard

    I would like to attend one of your Seminars in the future, Kindly notify me when you have another event and i would love to meet you and attend the seminar.

    With Kind Regards,


    Arusha – Tanzania (EAST AFRICA)

    1. Thank you James. Our next Christian Youth Forum will be happening in Amsterdam next year. And we will be looking at Youth and Mental Health. I look forward to welcoming you! Blessings!

  2. James Leonard

    Thank you Victor!
    Which dates the Seminar will take place in Amsterdam?
    Can you also provide me with an invitation Letter for me to present at Embassy so that i can be given a Visa to enter Netherlands?

    Thank you and Looking forward to hear from you shortly!

    With Regards,


    1. Hello James, the date is not fixed yet. However, we are looking at the weekend after the Easter celebration. Will keep you posted on the dates. Subscribe to my blog so you get first hand information on the event

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