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5 Mar 2015

Your Missing Donkeys Are Not The Real Thing


Couple of days ago, a very good friend of mine shared a throwback photo of him and his rap group on facebook when he was probably in high school or at his early years at the university. According to him, he was the lyricist of the group and probably thought at that time that music was all there is to his purpose. He perhaps gave his parents headache about pursuing a music career at that time (we all did it lolz). But today, he is an accomplished writer, and have been a pillar of inspiration to many.

His story reminds me of Saul in the Bible in I Samuel 9 when the father Kish told him to go look for their missing donkeys. Notice he used the plural “donkeys”, meaning it was not just one donkey. The bible tells us that Saul went looking for his missing donkeys and not knowing the location where they were and not having an idea of the colour of their skin.

The bible tells us that he eventually did not find his missing donkeys but he found something much more important and that was purpose. And because of his going out to search for his missing donkeys, which he does not have an idea what they look like, he eventually encountered Samuel and there Samuel anointed him the King of Israel.

My friend at the time he took this picture reminded me of Saul, who was busy looking for his missing donkey. Unknown to him at that time, I believe, the music gig was not all there is to his purpose; it was not the main thing but a tool to accomplish his purpose.

Some of us are like Saul; we are out there looking for our missing donkeys. We have no idea what they look like. Neither do we know where to find them. As a result, we test-run different career choices just to find what most fits.

The good news is, at least you are out there looking for your missing donkeys. The bad news is, you will never find your missing donkey! Saul never found those donkeys but the donkeys were found anyway, but not by him. In other words, those career choices are meant for others to pursue.

But at the end of the day, I’m sure you will encounter your Samuel. Your Samuel is your destiny. The missing donkeys or that thing you are passionate about may not be the main thing. Rather, God, through the agency of that thing you are passionate about will shape you into purpose.

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