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16 Mar 2015

On Being the Salt of the Earth


A friend recently shared a story of a practice in his tribe on how they medicate a wounded livestock in their village somewhere in Zimbabwe. According to him, once they notice that any of their livestock had sustained an injury, they would apply salt to the wound of the animal to prevent the wound from attracting swarm of flies, and the flesh from deteriorating. Salting a decaying injury in an animal automatically dispels cloud of screwworm flies from infesting the wound and contributes to the preservation of the flesh of a wounded animal from leeches. Once dissolved and soaked deep into the wounded animal, the presence of the salt naturally drives away dangerous parasites from feasting on and hovering round the wound. Such procedure frees the animal from any discomfort or distraction as it goes about its business with ease. Although uncomfortable and chilli sometimes, the benefits of applying a salt to a wound outweigh the mild discomfort of the treatment.

This analogy serves the purpose of what Christ said in Matthew 5:13. Jesus reminded us that we “are the salt of the earth.” Being a salt can be a very challenging task because of its subtle nature, especially when we are not clued up on its powerful and alleviating effects.

Salt does not radically announce its presence but contributes, like a salt to a physical wound, to restoring and alleviating a deteriorating system by subtly dispelling and preventing every systemic “odour” or “parasites” that might be attracting any form of distraction or discomfort.

It is not easy to put in so much effort on others without been given due credit. But yet the “salt” is right there, soaked and dissolved into the different social, religious, mental, and physical “injuries” of this world, earnestly making constant endeavors to add value to a “decaying” world.

The “salt of the earth” quietly, without being noticed, drives away the “cloud of darkness” hovering round God’s people on earth. But more so, it restores the decaying “tissues” of this world.

Isn’t it wonderful how the little things we do in our inner chambers remarkably change the lives of others?

The lesson from this blog would be to find strength and encourage ourselves even when we are not noticed. Rather than quit on being the “salt” you already are, continue to add value to our “decaying” world. Those little contributions you make, counts!

Be the salt of the earth!!!

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