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25 Apr 2015

BOOK REVIEW: From A Weakspot To A Hotshot by Victor Counted


Weakspot to Hotshot by Victor CountedThe bible tells us in Revelation 21 of a city, beautiful and complete in its dimensions. The glory of this city, according to John of Patmos who saw this city, was in its completeness. It was not partial nor one-sided but complete in all three sides of its dimensions. In describing this beautiful city, John says that its length, breadth, and height are of equal sizes and complete on all sides. In other words, no side was smaller or bigger than the other.

What John was really saying was that life as it should be is a journey that should be complete on all sides. Life should be lived creatively in length, empathically in breadth, and spiritually in height in order to be beautiful and complete as the city envisioned by John of Patmos.

In the vision of John in Revelation 21, God reminds us that for our life here on earth to be worthwhile, we must measure our life’s achievements and make sure it fitly corresponds to the three dimensions of a complete life.

For those of us, who are yet to start living, God urges us to find our length, and know our role in history. What is it that you were created to do? Living in length is all about self-discovery and knowing what works for you in this world. And it does not end there, you must do what works for you as though your life depends on it, so that you become the best history will ever remember of that length.

However, as we discover our length and become the very best there is in our place of purpose, we are admonished to share what we’ve learned and earned from our experience to others. It is about building lasting and healthy relationships and helping others to climb up, by transferring our inner deposits to people around us.

Christ exemplifies the life of breadth for humanity on the cross. He died for each and every single one of us and poured his breadth out like a drink offering for mankind.

A complete life should have breadth. The breadth of life is the function of how many lives were touched by your existence. It is linked to height because is only when you experience the God of love that you can love others.

As the ultimate example of a life lived in breadth, Christ’s death on the cross is living proof that a life worth living must be well lived for the victory of love. Therefore, without breadth we cannot love as Christ loved. Lest we forget, the breadth of life is the lifeblood of the Christian life.

It is important to discover our purpose, make the best out of it, and help each other grow in length and become our very best. But most importantly, we should not look down on the powerfulness of God over our own destiny. This brings us to the height of life, which forms and informs the human person to become a friend of God. This dimension of a complete life is one that pulls us closer in a relationship experience with the Almighty. Any life that does not find its sky is yet to live. For life to be meaningful and purposeful, we must live it from God’s angle of vision; that’s what the height of life is all about.

In this book, you will journey with the author on a self-discovery journey on personal leadership using practical, real-life experiences and insights to draw your attention on how to lead and live a complete life. The book gives a spotlight analysis on what it means it live life at three levels of significance and is designed to challenge the reader to lead, love, and live better in lengthbreadth, and height.

The book has two different design covers depending on the target market. Here is the second design cover.

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