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10 May 2015

Seminar Video: Youth Identity Crisis


You can now watch our seminar last month on “”Youth Identity Crisis: Finding God Without Losing Yourself”. The video is up on YouTube. Though the video did not cover every bit of the sessions, it is rather a summary video of the event.

The seminar took place in Stellenbosch South Africa, 24th of April 2015. The event was designed to strengthen the role of church leaders, parents, and youth group leaders in addressing the spiritual needs of their young people. The speakers (Victor Counted; Lakeba Williams; Jurgens Hendriks) spoke on how to help Christian youths  address experiences of anxiety, avoidance, abandonment, and self-discovery in their relationship with God and self. Participants were encouraged to broaden their perspectives on key youth-related issues and were offered opportunities to develop the skills they need to effectively respond to these issues and bloom in their Christian identity amid existential crisis of identity, attachment, anxiety, God-images, and self-images.

Watch video below:


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