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17 Jan 2016

New Paper: Understanding God Images and God Concepts


I recently published a journal article in Verbum et Ecclesia Vol 36, No 1 (2015) titled “Understanding God images and God concepts“. Below is the abstract of the paper . You can download PDf here.

The author looks at the God image experience as an attachment relationship experience with God. Hence, arguing that the God image experience is borne originally out of a parent–child attachment contagion, in such a way that God is often represented in either secure or insecure attachment patterns. The article points out that insecure God images often develop head-to-head with God concepts in a believer’s emotional experience of God. On the other hand, the author describes God concepts as indicators of a religious faith and metaphorical standards for regulating insecure attachment patterns. The goal of this article, however, is to highlight the relationship between God images and God concepts, and to provide a hermeneutical process for interpreting and surviving the God image experience.

Keywords: God images, God concepts, attachment theory, religious language, pastoral hermeneutics, metaphorical theology


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