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19 Sep 2016

Paper Alert: ‘Making Sense of Place Attachment’


Pleased to announce the publication of my new paper, “Making Sense of Place Attachment: Towards a holistic understanding of people-place relationships and experiences” to the spring issue of ‘Environment, Space, Place,’ 8 (1) pp.7-32 via Zeta Books.

The paper draws from the attachment framework to explore the different places to which people are drawn. This was accomplished by integrating the works of Jorgensen & Stedman (2001), Scannell & Gifford (2010), and Seamon (2012, 2014) on place attachment. Read the abstract below and order a copy of the journal here.


The article is an attempt to make sense of the different interdisciplinary perspectives associated with people’s attachment to places with a view to construct a holistic template for understanding people-place relationships and experiences. The author took note of the theoretical contributions of Jorgensen & Stedman (2001), Scannell & Gifford (2010), and Seamon (2012, 2014) to construct an integrative framework for understanding emotional links to places and people’s perception and experience of places. This was done with the intention of illuminating the meaning of place and the different “places” people get attached to. The paper concludes by incorporating different place frameworks with the intention of establishing a holistic model for understanding the various attributes and perceptions of people-place relationships and experiences.

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