Victor Counted

Psychologist of Religion/Spirituality. Social & Developmental Psychologist. Social Scientist. Religion, Place, & Health Researcher. Preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Trained as a clergy, social and developmental psychologist, and practical theologian, Victor Counted is dedicated to the scholarly study of the psychology of religion/spirituality and adult attachment theory in the contemporary context of multicultural and multi-faith societies. He works as a casual academic staff at the School of Social Sciences and Psychology, Western Sydney University, Australia, and known for his scholarly work on the role of relational spirituality and people-place relationships in mental health, youth, and migration contexts. Victor is also Research Associate of the Cambridge Institute for Applied Psychology and Religion, England. His research generally examines religion, place, and health—as well as the intersection of the three themes, from perspectives of psychology, theology, and geography. Victor has published several peer-reviewed articles and serves as an ad-hoc reviewer for a number of international journals. 

Outside of the academia, Victor is committed to three other key areas and life projects: ministry, advocacy, and entrepreneurship.


Counted for Christ Ministries

Victor serves as a teacher and missionary with the Counted for Christ Ministries, preaching the unsearchable riches of Christ and equipping Christian ministries around the world to meet the complex needs of our present-day culture.

Third Millennium Africa Project

Victor is the co-founder of Third Millennium Africa Project, a non-profit enterprise leading Africa’s millennia transition through supporting youth action and social innovation in Africa.

Zuphland (Pty) Ltd

Victor is a serial entrepreneur and owner of Zuphland Limited. More information on Zuphland can be found at

Alma Maters

Western Sydney University, Australia

University of Groningen, Netherlands

Stellenbosch University, South Africa

West Africa Theological Seminary, Nigeria


Society for the Scientific Study of Religion


Cambridge Institute for Applied Psychology and Religion

Research Associate

School of Social Science and Psychology, Western Sydney University

Casual Academic Staff

International Association for the Study of Youth Ministry


International Association for the Psychology of Religion

The African Studies Association of Australasia and the Pacific


International Association of People-Environment Studies

Community Services

Social Indicators Research

Ad-hoc Editorial Reviewer

Psychology of Religion and Spirituality

Editorial Reviewer

Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion

Ad-hoc Editorial Reviewer

Journal of Psychology and Theology

Editorial Reviewer

Mental Health, Religion, and Culture

Ad-hoc Reviewer


Ad-hoc Editorial Reviewer

Cogent Arts and Humanities

Ad-hoc Editorial Reviewer

Third Millennium Africa Project

Executive Board Member

Christian Youth Forum

Program design and Facilitator

Committed to building and strengthening communities, Victor hopes to provide answers to difficult questions and create an aura that inspires generations through his life work. Victor Counted is the author of two books and currently working on other new monographs such as “Finding God Without Losing Yourself: Resolving the Conflict with God and Self;” “An Introduction to the Psychology of Place Spirituality;” “Psychology, Religion, and Place: Theoretical and Empirical Applications (edited volume),” and “African Diaspora Religion in Psychodynamic Perspective: Theory, Research, and Health Implications.”

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