Memories and Events

Sermon Video: The Man in the Basket – Acts 9: 22-25

Posted on20 Feb 2016
I had the opportunity to preach at the Vineyard Groningen Church Netherlands last Sunday february 14th, 2016. It was a Valentine’s Day special titled “The Man in the Basket”. We looked at the story of Apostle Paul in Acts 9 after his encounter on the road to Damascus. We focused on two movements in the text as we look at our task as a community called out by God to demonstrate his love to the world by applying...
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Seminar Video: Youth Identity Crisis

Posted on10 May 2015
You can now watch our seminar last month on “”Youth Identity Crisis: Finding God Without Losing Yourself”. The video is up on YouTube. Though the video did not cover every bit of the sessions, it is rather a summary video of the event. The seminar took place in Stellenbosch South Africa, 24th of April 2015. The event was designed to strengthen the role of church leaders, parents, and youth group leaders in addressing the spiritual needs...
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BOOK REVIEW: From A Weakspot To A Hotshot by Victor Counted

Posted on25 Apr 2015
The bible tells us in Revelation 21 of a city, beautiful and complete in its dimensions. The glory of this city, according to John of Patmos who saw this city, was in its completeness. It was not partial nor one-sided but complete in all three sides of its dimensions. In describing this beautiful city, John says that its length, breadth, and height are of equal sizes and complete on all sides. In other words, no...
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At Radio CCFM 107.5 Cape Town Speaking on the 3 Levels of Significance

Posted on16 Apr 2015
I was so honoured to be hosted by Naomi Classen of Radio CCFM 107.5 Cape Town on her show “Time to Decide” on Wednesday evening 15th April 2015. I shared a little knowledge on how to live a complete life. I emphasized that for life to be meaningful and complete, it must be lived at three levels of significance: length, breadth, and height. I took my scriptural text from the book of Revelation 21. Naomi...
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3 Reasons we endorse Victor Ochen for the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize

Posted on26 Mar 2015
I wrote an endorsement note on behalf of the Third Millennium Africa Project for my friend Victor Ochen and his African Youth Initiative Network team for their nomination for the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize Award. In the note, i mentioned three reasons why i think Mr Victor Ochen should be honored with this year’s Nobel Peace Prize for his contribution to peace and security in Africa. We are excited to join the rest of Africa...
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SEMINAR: Youth Identity Crisis: Finding God Without Losing Yourself

Posted on05 Mar 2015
Announcing an event for April!!! After a 2-year empirical research with different Christian youth groups in South Africa, i think it is important to give back and share the knowledge of what i have learnt with the church leaders, parents, and youth group leaders and members, who would wish to know more about the crisis of identity amongst the younger members of faith communities. As a result, i decided to convene a seminar that would...
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