Podcast: Look Down to Go Up!

Posted on06 Jun 2014
In this podcast, Pastor Counted shares insight on how to find answers to our problem in usual places and through an “enemy” placed in our own life to direct us to our Elisahs. In this episode of Weakspot to Hotshot you will learn how to find divine direction from the concentric circle of the Lisas of your own life. Stay humble to find answers!

Live Better! Podcast: Play through the Pain

Posted on30 May 2014
In this podcast, Victor shares how a purpose-driven life is achieved through shameless determination and perseverance in the things we can do for ourselves despite our situations. This podcast teaches you how you can succeed despite the pains and deformities in your life. Enjoy!

Play through the Pain

Posted on26 May 2014
The story of Naaman the Leper in 2 Kings 5 is a very remarkable story. For those not familiar with it, it is the story of a man called Naaman, who was the Commander-in-chief of the Syrian army. He was a mighty man of valour, but a leper. As a solider, this guy was not an indolent hanger-on, he conquered nations. He won so many wars for his king that his problem became that of...
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