My research examines religion, place, and health—and the intersection of the three themes—from perspectives of psychology, geography, and theology.



Counted, V. & F. Watts. (in press). A Space of Transition and Transaction: A rejoinder to selected commentaries on place spirituality. Archive for the Psychology of Religion

Keywords: Place Spirituality Theory, Attachment-Religion Framework; A rejoinder; Psychology of Religion and Place 




Counted, V. & Zock, H. (in press). Place Spirituality: an attachment perspective. Archive for the Psychology of Religion

Keywords: Place Spirituality; The Circle of Place Spirituality; Attachment-Religion Framework; Attachment theory; Religion and Place; Psychology of Place Spirituality




Counted, V. (in press). African Christian Diaspora Religion and/or Spirituality: A concept analysis and re-interpretation. Critical Research on Religion

Keywords: African religious transnationalism, African Christian diaspora religion, African diaspora spirituality, concept analysis




Counted, V. (2018). Global Insecure Attachment Predicts Indicators of Caregiving Faith Development among Australian-based African Pentecostals in New South WalesJournal for the Academic Study of Religion 30(1): 55-74. (Download PDF)

Keywords: African diaspora religion in psychodynamic perspective; attachment-religion framework; caregiving faith development; African Migrants; Transnational Religion.



Counted, V. (2018). Sense of Place Attitudes and Quality of Life Outcomes among African Residents in a Multicultural Australian Society. Journal of Community Psychology (Download PDF)

Keywords: Health-related quality of life outcomes; sense of place attitudes; place attachment; place identity; place dependence; Australian African diaspora; Multicultural Australia


Counted, V., Moustafa, A., & Renzaho, A. (2018). Migration and sociodemographic factors associated with sense of place attitudes among migrants of African background in Northern and Western Netherlands. Journal of Community Psychology (Download PDF)

Keywords: Sense of place theory; place attachment; place identity; place dependence; African diaspora and migration


Counted, V., Possamai, A., McAuliffe, C., Meade, T. (2018). Attachment to Australia, Attachment to God, and Quality of Life Outcomes among the African Christian Diaspora in New South Wales: A Cross-sectional Study. Journal of Spirituality in Mental Health (Download PDF)

Keywords: Adult attachment theory; Place attachment; Attachment to God; African diaspora in Australia; Health-related quality of life outcomes; the circle of place spirituality


Counted, V. (2018). The Circle of Place Spirituality (CoPS): Towards an attachment and exploration motivational systems approach in the psychology of religion. In A. Village & R.W. Hood, Research in the Social Scientific Study of Religion vol. 29, (pp. 149-178). Leiden: Brill (Link to Download PDF)

Keywords: The Circle of Place Spirituality; Motivational Systems Theory; Attachment Needs; Exploration Curiosity; Motivational Drives and Spirituality; People-place Relationship; Believer-God Relationship 


Counted, V. (2018). Domains of Religious Coping Behaviour among African Christians in NSW Australia: An Exploratory Qualitative Study. Journal of Spirituality in Mental Health (Download PDF)

Keywords: Religious Coping Behaviour; Australian African Diaspora; Avoidant Attachment; Positive Religious Coping; Negative Religious Coping; Human-based Coping; Migration Experiences



Counted, V. and Miller, J.R. (2018). Pastoral Juxtaposition in Spiritual Care: Toward a caregiving faith theology in an evangelical Christian context. HTS Teologiese Studies/Theological Studies 74(2), a4630. (Download PDF) 

Keywords: Theology of Juxtaposition; Pastoral Theology; Spiritual Care; Pastoral Juxtaposition; Caregiving Faith Theology; Attachment Theory and Religion; Incarnational Figures; Power of Two 


Counted, V., Possamai, A., Meade, T. (2018). Relational Spirituality and Quality of Life 2007 to 2017: An Integrative Research Review. Health and Quality of Life Outcomes 16:75. (Download PDF)

Keywords: Relational Spirituality; Attachment-Religion Framework; Quality of Life; Psychological Health; Physical Health; Social Relationship QoL; Environmental Health; Spiritual Functioning; Integrative Review


Counted, V. and Watts, F. (2017). Place Attachment in the Bible: The role of attachment to sacred places in religious life. Journal of Psychology and Theology 45(3): 218-232. (Download PDF)

Keywords: Place Attachment Theory; Biblical Place Theology; Psychology and Theology; Sacred Places; Place Spirituality




Counted, V. (2017). Attachment Theory and Religious Violence: Theorizing adult religious psychopathology. Journal for the Study of Religion 30(1): 78-109. (Download PDF)

Keywords: Religion and Attachment; Religious Violence; Religious Conflict and Attachment; Adult Religious Psychopathology; Attachment-motivated Terrorism; Attachment-Religion Framework 



Counted, V. and Moustafa, A.A. (2017). Between God and Self: Exploring the attachment to God and authenticity/inauthenticity tendencies of South African Christian youthsMental Health, Religion & Culture 20(2): 109-127. (Download PDF)

Keywords: Attachment to God; Self Authenticity; Inauthenticity; South African Youths; Christian Millennials; God and Self Relationality; Quantitative Study


Counted, V. (2016). The Psychology of Youth Faith Formation: A Care-giving Faith? Journal of Youth and Theology, 15(2): 146 – 172. (Download PDF)

Keywords: Attachment Theory; Youth Identity Crisis; Youth Faith Formation; Caregiving Faith; Attachment Correspondence Model; Attachment Compensation Model




Counted, V. (2016). Making Sense of Place Attachment: Towards a Holistic Understanding of People-place Relationships and Experiences. In T.R.E. Paddock & C.P. Heidkamp (Eds), Environment, Space, Place, 8(1): 7-32. Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota Press (Download PDF)

Keywords: Sense of Place; People-place Relationships; Place Attachment; Place Identity; Place Dependence; Environmental Psychology



Counted, V. (2016). Missionising Youth Identity Crisis: Towards a Missional Hermeneutic of Care in Youth Ministry Practice. Missionalia 44(1): 85–102. (Download PDF) 

Keywords: Youth Identity Crisis; Missional Hermeneutics; Missional Therapy; Youth Ministry Practice; Caregiving Faith; Attachment and Youth Faith Formation



Counted, V. (2016). Being Authentic is the New Image: A Qualitative Study on the Authenticity Constructions and Self-images of Christian Millennials in Africa. Mental Health, Religion, & Culture, 19(3): 268–294. (Download PDF) 

Keywords: Authenticity Theory; South African Youths; Self-images; The Borderline Self; The Promissory Self; The Hyphenated Self; The Religious Self



Counted, V. (2016). God as an Attachment Figure: A Case Study of the God Attachment Language and God Concepts of Anxiously Attached Christian Youths in South Africa. Journal of Spirituality in Mental Health, Vol 18(4): 316-346. (Download PDF)

Keywords: Attachment Theory; Faith Development; Anxious God Attachment; Youth Faith Formation; Spirituality and Mental Health; God attachment criteria



Counted, A.V. & J.O. Arawole (2016). “We Are Connected, But Constrained”: Internet Inequality and the Challenges of Millennials in Africa as Actors in Innovation. Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Vol 5 (3). (Download PDF) 

Keywords: Internet Inequality; Functionalist theory; Digital Divide; African Millennials; Innovation and Inequality.


Counted, A.V. (2015). Understanding God images and God concepts: Towards a pastoral hermeneutics of the God attachment experience. Verbum et Ecclesia, 36(1), Art. #1389, 14. (Download PDF)

Keywords: God Images; God Concepts; Attachment to God; Pastoral Hermeneutics; Pastoral Care



Counted, A.V. (2015). African Women, Religion, and Health: Essays in Honor of Mercy Amba Ewudziwa Oduyoye. Journal of Religion and Health, 55(1): 350–354(Download PDF)

Keywords: African Women Health; Womanist Theology; Mercy Amba Ewudziwa Oduyoye; Religion and Health